Meet a Meow-velous Pal on International Cat Day

Aug. 8 is the kissiest, cuddliest, ear-scratching-est occasion on the calendar. Want to adopt? LA Animal Services is waiving the fees.

Benjamin Torode

What to Know

  • Aug. 8 is International Cat Day
  • LA Animal Services is waiving cat and kitten adoption fees through Aug. 8, 2021, thanks to a grant from the ASPCA
  • Discounted canine adoption fees are available, too, through Aug. 8: $51 for dogs and $75 for puppies

Rubbing our cheek against something to show our interest in it?

Curling our paws when we're feeling sassy and/or sleepy or swishing our tail when we're in a naughty mood?

Try as we might, human beings can't quite pull these cat-tastic traditions off, due in large part to our lack of paws and a tail (of course, we do have cheeks to rub against items of interest, if we're so inclined).

But there is a way to incorporate some incredible cat-centered energy into our worlds: By including a feline in our lives.

It's not a shocking suggestion, but once you make that connection, the next step is a fairly straightforward one: Find a place where you can meet and fall in love with an adoptable cutie pie.

And that perfect adopt-a-cat place? One of the six centers helmed by LA Animal Services.

You can find fabulous felines aplenty, all through the year, but on Aug. 8, the meow-marvelous vibes are especially strong and sweet.

For Aug. 8 is International Cat Day, and LA Animal Services will observe the august August occasion, all weekend long, by waiving adoption fees for cats and kittens.

The ASPCA is behind those waived fees, by the by, giving potential adopters the chance to spend those saved funds on new beds, bowls, toys, and treats.

There are a few steps to take before connecting with the cat of your dreams, like searching online, at the LA Animal Services site, for any whiskery critters you'd like to know better.

You'll then learn more about the lovey you've got an eye on, thanks to information provided by LA Animal Services, and if it is a match in your mind, you can make an appointment to swing by a specific center and pick up your little patootie.

Will he rub his cheek on you? Swish his tail in a sign of curiosity or interest? Will his paws curl as he stretches out for his first nap as you ride home together?

Make this International Cat Day one that you'll remember, a holiday that will make an important difference in the life of an animal that has plenty of love to give.

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