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Meet the ‘Creatures of Halloween' at a Free Eaton Canyon Event

The outdoorsy celebration will include learning activities and a few fascinating animal ambassadors.

Tze-hsin Woo

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 29 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Eaton Canyon Nature Center
  • Free

Owls, bats, arachnids, and snakes?

You only need to saunter by your neighbor's decorated porch or the Halloween-themed aisle at your local grocery store to spy some of the critters most associated with the festivities that flower at the end of October.

Or, rather, cartoon-like depictions of those critters.

We see all sorts of straight-from-the-wilderness favorites portrayed in our Halloween books, on spooky television shows, and through the costumes we wear, but really knowing these animals, what they eat, how they sleep, and a caboodle of other way-cool facts?

Brushing up on our animal smarts is always a smart idea, especially when it comes to those furry and feathery favorites we frequently dress up as or add to our front door or walkway on Halloween night.

Eaton Canyon Nature Center can help us, while also giving us a sunny day out in a pretty spot. For the center is presenting the "Creatures of Halloween" on Saturday, Oct. 29, a free five-hour festivity that both honors these critters and assists critter-loving humans in understanding them more thoroughly.

You can bet that "educational activities" are on the schedule, and craft-making opportunities, too, and seeing actual animal ambassadors?

We're pre-wowed by the idea of encountering a real beastie during the bash.

The center hasn't revealed which animals might be making an appearance, but it could be one of the critters seen on the flyer, including a snake, an owl, a tarantula, or another awesome animal that calls the area home.

If you and your family are seeking a natural dimension to the haunting holiday fun, and one that is free, too, make for Altadena on October's final Saturday for a chance to get acquainted with the animals that are so often seen, at least on decorations, around Halloween.

So cool: We're flap, flap, flapping like an owl to this page for more information.

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