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Meow Meow: CatConLA

Celebrity felines, kitty fans, and pet vendors ready for the two-day cat confab.

We're feline frank — er, feelin' frank — and we don't mind meowing about how amazing it is to chat with a cat lover about their special whiskered one.

For they won't simply tell you their baby's name, but all of their baby's 17 nicknames, and how the kitty sleeps with her paws in the air, and how she likes salmon treats but not chicken, and is just. The. Best. Thing. Ever.

If this is 1000 percent you, then we'll see you at CatConLA, which will again be swishing its tail, charmingly, at The Reef downtown. 

The June 25 and 26 festival, which is "part expo, part symposium," is all about offering "the world's top cat-centric merchandise including furniture, art, toys, and clothing.." -- all the stuff you want to show off your furry affections.

There shall be more furry affections, though, to give at CatConLA: Celebrity cats will be in the house, so look for Lil BUB, Pudge, and Nala, all internet superstars (and stars in the lives of those lucky enough to live with them).

And a real-life Catwoman — hey there, Julie Newmar — will also make the purr-worthy scene. 

Will there be adoptable cats to cuddle, fall for, and take home and worship for always? Yes. Will a dollar from every ticket go to FixNation? It's an important cause, so you bet. Shall there be cat videos to squee over, discussion to attend, and more meow-y merriment?

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The schedule is as packed as a wicker basket bearing a load of felt mice, the kind with little bells sewn inside.

You know this basket, the one with too many toys. In fact, all pet people know this basket well, like they know what kind of treats their pumpkin will or will not eat.

Tickets, times, and all the ear-scratchable info you'll need? Gently tip-tap your paws over here, catists of SoCal.

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