Mmm, Pork S'mores: The Frankenfood Truck

A odd-pairing food truck is rolling around LA and dishing out free eats.

If you've been a kid, and enjoyed summertime, and had free access to a pantry for, you might have put some of your boredom to work via crazy culinary creations. Hot dogs slathered in grape gelatin or rice cereal bits mixed into chili or a jelly and bologna sandwich. (Hmm -- all of those actually hold some appeal.)

But we adults? We leave the odd pairings to our youth, preferring, instead, to savor foods that traditionally pair well with other foods.

Forget that noise. The Frankenfood Truck is rolling around town, through Friday, June 20, and it is serving up odd pairings that may remind you of your younger years, though you probably never made Pork S'mores in your younger years, we'll guess.

Maybe? Did you? If so, genius. And a little gross. But genius.

The truck, which is part of an upcoming Spike competition cooking series, is serving up free sample-sized eats to those adventurous enough to pop 'em in their mouths. But like rice cereal swirled into chili, they sound pretty delicious: chicken tacos with an espresso crust, blackened shrimp pretzels.

Look, we'd probably be game to put those flavors together at home, in our own kitchens, away from prying eyes.

But eyes shall pry in public, and that's okay. Food mashing-up is nothing shameful, and we all did it as tots. That the bites are free to try, and you only need to find them to try them, adds to the summery silliness of the savory adventure.

Oh, and where to find the Frankenfood Truck? Wednesday June 18 it'll hit two spots, including Silverback Records, Thursday it's the Young & Reckless on South La Cienega Place, Friday make for Venice...

Details, dates, locations, addresses here, lovers of quirky foodstuffs. And if you need more food truck goodness, Roaming Hunger, the partner in the Frankenfood event, has an app boasting an interactive city map tracking loads and loads (read: "over 4,500") of trucks around the country.

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