Mother's Day Fun with the Gibbons and a Sloth

Does Mom adore animals? Consider these two sweet holiday weekend outings.

What to Know

  • Breakfast with the Gibbons on May 11 at the Gibbon Conservation Center
  • Mother's Day Sloth Breakfast on May 12 at the Wildlife Learning Center
  • Tickets available now

So it's the Monday after Mother's Day, and your co-worker wants to know what you did for the person who is the center of your personal universe.

Common words you might mention in such a moment? "Brunch" is up there, and "eggs Benedict," and "flowers," and "candies," too. You're probably not saying "gibbons," though, or "sloth," in reply to how you treated your mother to the best Mother's Day ever.

That can change, and should, if your mom is the sort of animal-loving adventurer who is happiest when she is communing with our furry, long-of-limb, adorable-of-mug co-earthlings. 

How to help this heart-gladdening communion take place?

By sweeping your mother to Santa Clarita on Saturday, May 11 for Breakfast with the Gibbons, an annual event that raises money for the Gibbon Conservation Center, a place dedicated to helping both the small apes that live on the property as well as gibbons everywhere.

A tour is part of the morning, and, yes, breakfast, too. There are activities for younger gibbon fans, and a silent auction, if you're game. An adult ticket is $25, and, yep, that money helps the center out. 

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That's Mother's Day Eve, do note, but if you're looking for something unusual and awww-filled to do on Mother's Day, look to the Wildlife Learning Center, in Sylmar, where a breakfast seating will include some very special guests.

Yes, for sure, we're talking about the moms in the room, but also the two-toed sloth that'll be present. "One of our two-toed sloths" will attend the 9 a.m. breakfast.

Each ticket is $75.

Do animals make your mommy joyful? Then treat her to one or both of these beautiful happenings, while also knowing that the tickets you purchase go back to the animals your mother loves.

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