Movember Foundation: Registration Now Open

Register to grow a mustache in honor of the men's health initiative.

Summertime is in full wane, and autumn is on approach, which means we'll soon start to wear light sweaters and argyle knee socks and knit caps and a large number of men will grow out their facial hair, specifically in the region of their upper lip, specifically starting on November 1.

Movember, that November-long fundraiser for men's health programs, is as much a part of fall as caramel on an apple, with thousands of gentlemen signing on to sprout a 'stache over thirty highly photographable days during the eleventh month of the year.

But the shaving, and the growing, don't just instantly go from zero-to-hairy on the day following Halloween. There's the registration part, and the part where you let your family and friends know what you're up to, and the part where you line up your donations and who is pitching in and giving funds to help out guys' healthcare and health-related concerns.

So things start early, as in the week after Labor Day early: Registration for the 2015 Movember opened on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

This is good news: Not only can you get your November lip-hair plans locked up early, but you can decide what kind of mustache you'll go for. Old-timey barbershop quartet member? Detective from a '70s cop-and-car series? Shaggy or pencil-thin? The deciding is both delicious and maddening.

Not maddening, though, is a new way to participate in Movember, open to both men and women. It's called MOVE and it is all about raising awareness about physical activity and healthy and raising those all-important funds, too.

Women, in fact, have always been an essential part of Movember since it first kicked off in 2004. There's never been a need to grow some face fur to do some good. One and all have been welcomed to join the cause and the fun-makery, of which Movember is famous. Shave parties, show-off-your-'stache parties, and other hirsute high jinks are hallmarks of the Movember Foundation.

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