Museum of Ice Cream Extended Into October

Prepare for another serving of the popular, Instagrammable Arts District happening; more tickets go on sale soon.

Deny, if you want to try, that you're not planning to roam the seasonal candy aisle when the middle of October arrives.

You are, most likely, even if you're not expecting trick-or-treaters, even if you plan on being out and about on Halloween night. Because miniature candy bars? And light-up suckers? They're just so alluringly Octoberish, and difficult to pass up, even if you keep them all to yourself.

But there's more sweetness ahead for the sweet-tooth-iest month of the year, though it isn't of the throw-it-in-a-plastic-pumpkin sort: It's the Museum of Ice Cream, the photo-mondo phenomenon that's been chilling in the Arts District since April.

If you're immediately waving your hand here, pshawing us, we get it: Tickets have flown each time they've been released, with each new extension of the started-in-New-York arts happening.

Or not flown so much as melted, quickly. (Ice cream humor.)

No tricks here, though, only treats: The Museum of Ice Cream will be extended, again, right through to October 16, 2017, putting your possible visit right in the heart of candy-dreaming, candy-buying time.

So hold off on daydreams of Halloweeny mini chocolates for now, for fresh tickets for the colorful, snackable, scratch-n-sniff-able experience will be released on Thursday, June 22 at 9 in the morning.

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Have you wanted to visit the sprinkles pool? Or try the very unusual scoops that are handed out through the wending, walk-through experience? Or swing on a swing that looks like a Neapolitan bar?

The picture opportunities, and tasting moments, have drawn the curious, and, yes, repeat visitors, too.

Plan your Halloween costume now, if you like, but think of ice cream when you think of early October 2017.

Ticket info is sitting on ice, thisaway.

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