‘Muzeo Express' Is Still Delivering Holiday Charm

The Anaheim model train exhibit is open for a bit longer, rail mavens.

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What to Know

  • Muzeo in Anaheim
  • Through Jan. 26, 2020 (select dates)
  • $7-$10

The first week in January can look a bit like the last few weekends of December, in terms of the to-dos that fill the festive end of the calendar.

There are, after all, still twinkling lights to see after sundown, the sort of bulbs that illuminate the houses and buildings of our neighborhood well into the first month.

But here's a seasonal event that's chugga-chugga-ing deep into January, with a stop date that's nearly at the end of the month: The Muzeo Express.

It's the annual holiday model train happening at the Anaheim museum, a whimsical world of well-imagined, beautifully decorated dioramas.

There are tiny trains inside the dioramas, little engines running to and fro and then to again, and plenty of Christmas-sweet touches, from tiny bows to pine trees to wreaths.

The Train Collector's Association and the Toy Train Operating Society are behind Muzeo's yearly presentation, which draws model railroad enthusiasts as well as anyone who enjoys seeing a merry world presented in miniature.

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The Southern California Railway Museum is also a partner on the event, which includes "a collection from Walt Disney's Carolwood Barn — a museum in Los Angeles' Griffith Park dedicated to the exploration of Walt's railroad legacy."

Don't have time to stop by as the holidays officially wrap up and many people head back to work? Get your toot-toot on through Jan. 26, 2020.

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