Nab That Ticket: LA Weekly's The Essentials Food Fest

Sup upon the best dishes from dozens of local eateries, at LA Mart.

Greater Southern California is a rather sizable place, you might have heard, which means that if you're a seeker of the new and a lover of the bold, finding the new and the bold can be a bit sticky, as wickets go.

That's where the LA Weekly's 99 Essential Restaurants roster comes in. The late-winter rundown of those eateries that are doing things right, covering bases, pushing envelopes, testing -- and tasting? -- boundaries has become a go-to for the local gourmand.

Which means just one thing: There should be a food-brimful party celebrating the annual issue. And so there shall be, at LA Mart, on Sunday, March 9.

It's year six for the sup-and-stroll scene, which means a lot of the biggies in our city's culinary swirl'll be in the house. Er, Mart. The biggies in question include Church & State, Guerilla Tacos, Horse Thief BBQ, Mariscos Jalisco, and Superba Snack Bar. Plus about 30, ish, other eat-out tried-and-truers, give or take.

Cost? It's forty five bucks or sixty five for VIP. Tastes? Plentiful. If you're up for a bite or two from all the players, best bring a device where you can keep notes about what you like and where you'd like to return, once the foodie affair has wrapped.

They make devices like that, right? That you can hold in your hand and type into? If not, someone should.

The only thing to know is this, beyond what you already know, which is that The Essentials issue is essential: Know that the LA Marathon happens that day. Nope, LA Mart is not right on the footpath, but it is fairly close, so take measures.

And, above all, be sure to hang those 99 restaurants on your fridge for further reference. Who here plans to try all in a year? Or even a lifetime? Best start, adventurous eaters of SoCal.

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