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National Doughnut Day: Deals, Specials, Yum

June's first Friday is here, which means pink boxes brimming with jelly-fied, sugar-topped deliciousness.

The people of Los Angeles, in all of our life-expanding, mind-opening, it's-all-good-ing chill-out-a-tude, can get a mite competitive when it comes to a particular topic of an edible, sugar-topped, custard-middled nature.

Exhibit A: When reading any article on the important matter of doughnuts, a Southern Californian will fully, and rightly, expect that our region's exemplary devotion to dippable, crumb-y works of art will be mentioned if, not in the first sentence, then somewhere in the first paragraph.

If not? We feel flat-out wronged, as wrong as a jelly doughnut with no jelly.

But prepare to feel right, on Friday, June 2, which is, any calendar will tell you, the first Friday in June, which is, as any doughnutist will tell you, National Doughnut Day.

It sounds as fluffy as a batch of airy dough, but the origins of the holiday are rife with meaning and emotion. National Doughnut Day pays moving tribute to the women who handed out doughnuts to World War I soldiers, the "Salvation Army lassies." That role came to symbolize cheer and support in a time when both were much needed.

Where to find the good stuff in SoCal? Well, Exhibit B: Look around, at our area's hundreds of excellent doughnuteries, and go, and enjoy one of the most economical confections ever.

Of course, you can always try out...

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Trejo's Coffee & Donuts: The brand-new, impressive-of-queue eatery at Highland and Santa Monica has those buzzed-about nacho doughnuts. (Updated note: They're not free, but they are high up on the talked-about scale, at the moment.) It's opening at 7 a.m. on National Doughnut Day, so if you want to beat the line... Well, you might not, but the Piñata Cake is worth it.

Dunkin' Donuts: Are you swinging by for that celebrated cup o' joe? Then you can score yourself, on June 2, a single and nummable classic doughnut for nada. The only route to a gratis doughnut is purchasing a beverage. Where to find one? Your location line-up is here.

Krispy Kreme: Did someone say "free doughnut"? Well, we did, just a sentence or two ago, but check it out: The glazed-luscious go-to is also walking the free-doughnut-giveaway path for customers on Friday, June 2. This is happening throughout the day, do note, but also note that this is definitely "while supplies last." Don't take chances there: Arrive early.

California Donuts: The treat shop is marking its 35th anniversary in 2017, which also happens to be the 35th anniversary of the Care Bears. If you think we're about to say that "variations of limited-edition Care Bear donuts" will go on sale at the 3rd/Vermont-close shop on June 2, well... We just said it, because that's exactly what's up. 

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken: The still-new downtown joint is taking National Doughnut Day and making it a fundraiser, all to give back to military families. Buy a Cherry Pie Doughnut for $3.50 and see all the money go to the Fisher House Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping military families in myriad ways.

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