National Fried Chicken Day: Suppers to Sliders

Do dinner at Knott's Berry Farm or use a half-off voucher at Pollo Campero.

Once we've admired fireworks, and waved at a red, white, and blue parade, and fully and thoroughly bid June adieu, we can say the following with true certainty: Summer is here, in spirit, in purpose, and in full flavor.

The "flavor" end of things means those only-at-a-county-fair foodstuffs'll keep on impressing us (and, occasionally, delightfully confounding us, too) and various food-themed holidays will keep delivering themes that seem to meld well with how many people choose to do summer.

One of those holidays is up, on Thursday, July 6, and it has a breeze of summer picnicking to it: National Fried Chicken Day.

You can make your own classic fried chicken, of course, before heading for the park with a hamper and blanket in hand (or whatever you use to properly picnic). Or you can head for spots around SoCal that are known for their fried chicken dishes, both traditional and au courant. Consider going to...

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, which has to be one of Southern California's best-known destinations for a classic, chicken-and-trimmings supper. Yes, of course, boysenberry is involved, and a rhubarb sauce, and biscuits that are warm to the fingertips. How long has this dinner been Buena Park tradition? Since 1934.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken: LAers who dig fried chicken very often like it on a doughnut, or another interesting bread or pastry, and this still-new downtown place delivers on both of those fronts. You can mark the occasion with a Fried Chicken BLT or Fried Chicken Honey sandwich, which arrives on a potato roll, a cheddar biscuit, or a doughnut.

Fritzi Coop: And speaking of sandwich-based imagination? There's this DTLA joint, which also has an outlet at the Original Farmers Market. You can go salad with your fried chicken, if you like, but think about ordering a Memphis, a fried chicken sandwich that includes a heaping of spicy slaw, as well as tangy sliced pickles.

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Doheny Room West Hollywood: Sliders and fried chicken are a duo that work well together, and if a bit of piquancy is involved? So much the better. Consider the Asian Fried Chicken Slider on the menu at this hot spot, a tummy-pleaser that boasts yuzu aioli as well as cabbage slaw and spiced soy.

Little Dom's Deli: If you're a longtime aficionado of fried chicken, but you prefer it straight out of the fridge, ponder a visit to this Los Feliz mainstay, which has a Cold Fried Chicken Sandwich on ciabatta on the menu. As for the attending flavors? Think sundried tomato pesto, burrata cheese, fresh lemon, and arugula.

Baldoria: You adore chicken and any tantalizing carb-based side, whether that's a biscuit or a waffle or a doughnut. But how about Texas Toast? Visit the downtown-based eatery to try out Fried Chicken & Texas Toast, which includes "spicy fried chicken, garlic toast, chili honey." And, if you must do a waffle, which is 100% understandable, there are the Fried Chicken and Waffle Tacos to dream about, too.

Pollo Campero: The chain is keeping its Fried Chicken Day celebrations going over three days, from July 5 through 7, and there's a deal happening, too: "Guests... will receive 50 percent off either a two-piece, three-piece, or half-chicken personal meal, simply by presenting a half-off discount voucher." Where to find that? Here.

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