National Meatball Day Gets Its Own Spotlight at Little Dom's

Meatball 6-packs and plant-based meatballs will both be in the sauce-laden spotlight on March 9.

Little Dom's

What to Know

  • Tuesday, March 9
  • The Los Feliz restaurant will have meatball 6-packs, grilled chicken meatballs, meatball-topped pastas, and more (takeout or outdoor dining)
  • A meatball 6-pack is $18

Add orb-tastic oomph to a pile of noodles, split a sub and fill it with three or four, or devour one on its own, with just a bit of sauce or cheese to add zing.

We're listing some of the classic routes to meeting a meatball, though there are surely as many ways to enjoy the globular goodie as there are types of meatballs to make.

However you approach the carnivore's classic, you'll likely want to keep March 9 in mind, which is National Meatball Day.

But calling this often dense and always delicious add-in a "carnivore's classic" doesn't tell the recent chapter of the meatball's story. For there are now many plant-based ways to enjoy it in modern times, and finding both meaty and non-meat versions on a menu is a common and most excellent occurrence.

Little Dom's in Los Feliz will put both well-spiced types on the centerstage on Tuesday, March 9, all the saucily celebrate National Meatball Day.

The atmospheric Italian restaurant has created a special National Meatball Day menu, in fact, and the line-up includes classic meatballs with tomato sauce and Parmesan, grilled chicken meatballs with Gorgonzola dulce sauce (and a Calabrese chili glaze), and Little D's plant-based meatballs, which also rock the tomato sauce, and nutritional yeast, too.

The eatery also has Meatball 6-packs for $18, and you can try all three types (2+2+2), or choose a pair (3+3), or simply go for one style of meatball for all six.

As for finding that quintessential meatball accompaniment, spaghetti?

There are two twirl-your-fork choices to ponder: One with a meat sauce or one that is vegan.

And if prefer your hearty balls o' bliss to be complemented by a beverage, the National Meatball Day menu has a number of recommendations, including an eight-ounce Elijah Craig old-fashioned or a Negroni shot.

For more on the meatballiest moment of the calendar, visit Little Dom's on March 9, or any day of the year, where pasta, meatballs, and piquant sauces consistently rock the Parm-topped, tomato-rich panache.

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