Negroni Week Is Here to Flavorfully Fundraise

Bars and eateries across the region will make the stylish cocktail and help a host of charities, too.

What to Know

  • June 24-30
  • Multiple charities will benefit
  • Bruno's in Brea, Cecconi's, The Mermaid, Atrium, No Vacancy, and several other spots will participate

What do you get when you sit down and order a cocktail at a stylish nightlifery or tony tavern?

Obviously, the spirits that comprise the drink, yes. The glass that the spirits are in is also a necessity. There also might be a swizzle stick involved, or some sort of fruit-focused garnished, and perhaps a cocktail napkin, too.

But when Negroni Week arrives, as it does each June, there is also a feeling of community and connection, and while those exact words might not appear on the menu, you know that you'll be giving back to a local charity via your order.

For the annual event, which takes place at numerous bars and restaurants around Southern California, as well as around the planet, is very much about A) celebrating this history-laden libation and much more importantly B) helping out a host of organizations.

How does it all work?

You surely know what a traditionally concocted Negroni is all about, if you've ever ordered the Campari-centered sip (gin and vermouth make up the other two elements, and a lemon twist, too). 

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Your next step is to find a location that is participating in the June 24-30 event.

And by "participating" we mean this: A portion of every Negroni sold will be donated to the charity chosen by the venue.

Nice, nice, super nice. 

Several local spots are in the 2019 swing, including Bruno's Italian Kitchen in Brea, NoMad Los Angeles, The Manufactory (which is going with a Morning Bun Negroni), Cal Mare on Beverly Boulevard, Nic's on Beverly in West Hollywood, Cecconi's West Hollywood, The Mermaid (which is going with a Mini Negroni flight), and Birds & Bees.

Birds & Bees will be donating a dollar from every Negroni sold to Mercy Corp, while NoMad Los Angeles will shine the love on The Trevor Project.

Good to know? While several places will keep to the time-honored way of crafting a Negroni, you'll find several creative spins around town.

To find out more about the charities that will benefit from the beverage-focused festivity, click.

To discover if your local watering hole is on board — there are over 12,000 global participants in 2019, so the chance is real — click again.

Or should we say "clink again," in tribute to the sound made when two glasses touch in a celebratory fashion?

For if anything out there is toast-worthy, as June 2019 winds down, it is this huge effort to make life better for a lot of people, animals, causes, and organizations, all through one icon of a drink, the one with three famous ingredients.

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