New: Trejo's Tacos Food Truck

Danny Trejo's popular La Brea Avenue eatery will soon pop up, around town, with tasty tacos in tow.

When word arrived at the start of 2016 that Trejo's Tacos, the new eatery from actor Danny Trejo, would soon be doing delicious business on La Brea Avenue, fans of the star got super-stoked.

Super-stoked over the notion of savory and authentic noshables created by Mr. Trejo, a performer known for pivotal roles in "Sons of Anarchy" and "Machete" and numerous other high-profile projects.

But if making it to the corner of La Brea and Sycamore hasn't yet been in the cards for you, or you can't go nearly enough to suit your horchata- and brisket-loving hankerings, prepare to get happy: Trejo's Tacos, the food truck, will make its take-to-the-streets debut on Monday, Aug. 29.

What will the wheeled restaurant serve, at least to begin with? Look for a selection of tacos including cauliflower, grilled chicken, pork, and brisket. That's the starter quartet of tortilla-wrapped goodness, but word is different tacos will go onto rotation, depending upon the week (stay tuned).

Every taco worth its fire needs a refreshing libation to complement its piquant awesomeness, and the Trejo's Tacos food truck will be stocked with drinks. There shall be agua fresca action to keep your palate cooled down, and, you got it, Trejo's Tacos creamy horchata will be in the house (er, truck). 

And prepare to devour chips, guac, and salsa on whatever curb you happen to find the mobile taco-torium.

As for locating Mr. Trejo's truck and its next SoCal stop, best follow @trejostruck on Instagram and Twitter.

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Could you do both the La Brea restaurant and the food truck in a single day? Absolutely.

What if you had a pork taco at 11 a.m. but need a brisket at 6 in the evening? There are essential matters to consider as you plan your day around the important pursuit of tasty tacos.

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