NORMS Is Turning 71 With a 71-Cent Breakfast Deal

If you just remembered that this hearty pancakes-and-eggs-and-bacon anniversary meal was 70 cents last year around this time, you're exactly correct.


What to Know

  • Oct. 28 only (from 7 to 9 a.m.)
  • One per guest (dine-in); two per guest (to-go/pick-up orders)
  • All NORMS locations in LA, Orange, and Riverside Counties

When you love a restaurant chain that's been around for over seven decades, you know that you can depend upon the staff to consistently deliver the dinners you adore, the lunches that keep you going, and the breakfasts that start the day off heartily and happily.

And NORMS? It is has remained consistent, dependable, and flavorful for 71 years.

Part of its solid reputation, and one reason among many why its fans love it, is that it consistently and dependably celebrates its anniversary in a deal-strong way each year.

As it will again, on Wednesday, Oct. 28. For on that morning, from 7 to 9 o'clock, anyone visiting any NORMS (and that's any NORMS in LA County, Orange County, or Riverside County), can enjoy a two-pancake'd, double-egg'd, and double-bacon'd breakfast for 71 cents.

Ohhh, good guess: This is in honor of the company's 71st anniversary. And good memory, too: This breakfast was 70 cents in 2019, in honor of last year's 70th anniversary celebration.

But wait: Did you turn 71 in 2020, or will you turn 71 before the year is over? Show up at your local NORMS from Oct. 21-27 and enjoy the same breakfast described above for, oh yes, free. (This is a dine-in deal, do note, and not for pick-up or takeout.)

Again: You should be marking your 71st at some point during the 2020 calendar year to score the sweet and syrupy giveaway.

How much syrup you'd like to use, whether you're 71 and enjoying your freebie during the Oct. 21-27 window, or you swing by on the morning Oct. 28 for your 71-cent deal, is up to you.

Keep in mind these are from-scratch hotcakes, so letting some of that rich and dough-deep flavor shine, as it is complemented by the eggs and bacon, may be the way you choose to go.

But adding some syrup and butter for the top? Well, this is an anniversary celebration, so a little lusciousness feels just right.

There are no substitutions, keep in mind, but when a trio is this classic, you'll feel fine sticking to the set order.

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