NORMS Will Mark 2/22/22 With a Dining Deal

The SoCal restaurants will spotlight the 2-rrific day with a savings-strong dinner-for-two special.


What to Know

  • Tuesday, Feb. 22 (2/22/22) from 2:22 p.m. to 9 p.m.; dine-in, order online, or take-out available
  • Dinner for two during that time is $22.22
  • A Cowboy T-Bone, Fish & Chips, and Grilled Salmon are among the choices; soup or salad available for an additional $2.22

Claiming a particular month is "too much" in terms of its moxie, its busyness, and its colossal character?

There are plenty of four-week stretches that instantly come to mind, with December likely topping the too-much-y month list for many people, thanks to the hectic, go-go-go nature of the holiday season.

As for February?

The month we're currently experiencing likely doesn't rank high in the annals of too-much-a-tude, thanks in large part to its smallness: It is the shortest month, even when it occasionally gains an extra day.

And yet? Sometimes the calendar's second month, or month #2, if you prefer, can be too much, or two much, in some cases.

Take February 2022, which boasted, and shall boast, a couple of fun-to-think-about dates.

The first? It fell on 2/2/22, while the second date will throw in a second two, just two, er, to up the stakes: 2/22/22.

Adding to its magic, or should we say "tue" its magic? Yep, 2/22/22 is a Tuesday.

So wait for it, or actually don't wait too long, in this case: NORMS, the beloved Southern California diner chain that's been baking nostalgic pies and perfecting hearty sandwiches since 1949, is celebrating 2/22/22 with a dining deal that's too yummy.

And the two-o-sity continues: It's a dinner-for-two special, priced at $22.22, available at any of the 22 NORMS locations around the region.

Yes, there are exactly 22 NORMS restaurants, which feels two, too perfect.

The starting time on Feb. 22? If you guessed what we're about to say, you're two, um, too smart: The deal launches at 2:22 p.m., with a wrap-up at 9 o'clock.

Guests will have five meals to choose from, including a Cowboy T-Bone, Grilled Salmon, and Chicken Tenders.

Soup, salad, and dessert? They aren't part of the special, but you will be able to add a soup or salad for, you guessed it yet again, an additional $2.22.

And making the special even more special? You can go the take-out route, choose online ordering, or elect to dine-in at your favorite NORMS location.

This is the second (insert knowing wink here) February 2022 deal from NORMS, with the first, a breakfast-themed happening, priced at $2.22, taking place on Feb. 2.

The company sold over 10,000 day-starting meals that deal-strong day, so count on the 2/22/22 dinner event to also have a response that will frankly be, yep, two-riffic.

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