Now Haunting The Huntington: Tales of ‘Strange Science'

Look for "bizarre plants" and "devilish elixirs" to swirl through the eerie online affair.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

What to Know

  • The general public can access the content on Oct. 31
  • Topics include corpse flowers, alchemy, headless horsemen, vampires, and more
  • "Bite-Sized Family Projects and Activities" are part of the virtual fun

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens may be elegantly awash in sunshine on most days of the year, but its vaults, galleries, and just-out-of-sight spaces hold all sorts of weird wonders.

They're the sort of curiosities that do see sunlight, now and then, especially if Halloween is opening its own peculiar petals, and the days of late October are beginning to dwindle.

And while the San Marino gardens are currently open, even as indoor spaces remain closed, an online event is brewing, much like the bubbles and heat found in a creepy cauldron.

The name of the virtual happening?

It's "Strange Science," and it is taking fans of frightful stories, offbeat natural phenomena, and other Huntington-esque hallmarks deeper into the aforementioned vaults.

Members at several levels can dip into this quirky content as of Oct. 27, while the general public can check it out on Saturday, Oct. 31.

Some tantalizing offerings?

Brandon Tam, Orchid Collection Specialist will explore "The Strange Life of the Corpse Flower," while Natalie Russell, Assistant Curator of Literary Collections, will take on the Headless Horseman and Washington Irving's famous tale set in spooky Sleepy Hollow.

Vampire legends, freaky cocktails, carnivorous plants, and a costume contest are all on the wicked roster.

Think of it as roaming The Huntington, but not the areas you can see in the noontime sun. Rather, you'll be enjoying the destination's more dastardly and eekier gems, the sort of spirited treasures best seen not sunlight but rather by the low light of the moon.

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