Oh Mayo, These Cinco Treats Are Sweet

Not in guac mode? Want to skip the chips? Find dessert-cool expressions of the holiday around town.

The Pie Hole, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Trejo's Coffee and Donuts

What to Know

  • Strawberry Margarita Pie holes at The Pie Hole locations ($1.50 each)
  • Sprinkles Margarita Cupcake is available through May 5 ($4.25-$5.25, depending on location)
  • Trejo's Coffee and Donuts has a Chili Mango doughnut for four bucks

If you're salty, you're showing some attitude, and some vinegar, and you're probably engaging in some lively backtalk, too.

If you're sweet? You're feeling quite the opposite, and those around you are likely enjoying your sugary smiles.

But there's one day a year when salty and sweet can take on a whole different meaning: Cinco de Mayo. At first glance, the salt sector seems to win out, for the all important bowl of chips is going to be rocking a certain sodium character.

There are ways, though, to get your sweet side on, and you don't even have order a pitcher of margaritas: You can seek out a celebratory dessert, one that's themed to the vibes and spirit of May 5.

At Sprinkles Cupcakes, there's the Margarita Cupcake, which is available through Cinco de Mayo. The price is $4.25 to $5.25, depending upon which location you visit, and the flavor is "classic key lime." One note? The frosting contains ultra-blanco premium tequila. And, okay, there's a bit fleur de sel, to add some salty character.

That's the classic flavor, but there's a Strawberry Margarita version, too.

Still feeling that Strawberry Margarita craving for something confection-y? Look to The Pie Hole, where the two-bite Pie holes are taking on a Strawberry Margarita theme, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Called "the dessert equivalent of a margarita shot," the gooey goodies rock red triple sec icing, strawberry filling, and a candy lime slice.

Cost? It's $1.50 per Pie hole. 

And at Trejo's Coffee and Donuts? Chili mango mavens'll find Cinco-riffic deliciousness, in a chili mango-topped doughnut. That's $4, if you're craving that sweet heat. A few other Cinco-themed choices are on the limited-time menu, too, including a ring-shaped cactus doughnut, a piñata doughnut, and a margarita doughnut, too.

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