One Day Only: Lobster Grilled Cheese Deal

Bite into Knuckle and Claw's "The Big Bertha" in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day.

Very few foodstuffs simultaneously occupy several positions on the "easy-to-extraordinary" cuisine continuum.

Some edibles, like peanut butter eaten straight from the jar, fall on the easy end of the enjoyment scale, while Baked Alaska, with its dramatic fire and intensive prep time, could be deemed extraordinary.

Grilled cheese, however, rules all sides of the equation, a legacy worth celebrating on Tuesday, April 12. That would be, of course, as you well and completely know, National Grilled Cheese Day.

On the easy end of grilled cheese goodness? You have the classic two slabs of buttered bread with a slice of orange yum in the middle, melted.

But on the other side of the sandwich? 

Hoo boy, where to start? Grilled cheeses run the gourmet gamut these days, with fancy fillings aplenty, but let's pause and raise our buttery fingers in savory salute to Knuckle and Claw, which just might knock it out of the park — er, pan — where extraordinary grilled-cheese making is concerned.

Meet The Big Bertha, a grilled cheese that's also a lobster roll, or a lobster roll that's also a grilled cheese, if you prefer. On Tuesday, April 12, in honor of the special cheesy occasion, the Silver Lake seafoodery will serve the delectable, which is "a behemoth version of their classic Knuckle Sandwich — stuffed with lobster, shrimp, blue crab, and Cotswold Cheddar for $25."

That's one day only. A single date. April 12. Cheese. Lobster. Crab. Shrimp.

Other promos are to come during April, which is also National Grilled Cheese Month, so keep an eye on Knuckle and Claw's social media.

And as for how your typically prefer your grilled cheese, whether easy or extraordinary? Each end of the grilled-cheese spectrum works. Sometimes we want easier, sometimes something a bit more complex, and sometimes we want a plainer 'wich with a posh cheese (meaning something in the middle).

That's the beauty of the grilled cheese, and all of its prismatic, complicated ways. Mark the holiday how you will, whether it's with square of melty orange-o-sity or a primo seafood-stuffed job complete with Cotswold Cheddar.

It's all good, all the time, in the Land o' Grilled Cheese fandom. After all, they don't call grilled cheese an ultimate comfort food for nothing.

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