PaleyFest: Springtime Dates Revealed

TV's big-name-iest festival is on the Hollywood horizon.

You surely had many conversations over the holidays, wherever your family travels took you. "Don't you like egg nog anymore?" might have prompted one passionate, intra-relative discussion. "Since when do you not wear turtlenecks?" likely got another lively back-and-forth going.

"YOU'RE NOT WATCHING THIS HOT SHOW I LOVE?!" in all caps, complete with an exclamation point, was surely spoken in numerous households, too, in recent weeks. For we're living in the Golden Age of Television, when staying atop "our stories" is easier than ever, thanks to streaming and DVRs and multiple formats. 

And thanks the PaleyFest, of course. This annual 'round-up-the-stars, and-the-creators-too panel extravaganza complements television fandom in a different way than the TV series we enjoy night after night from our couches and beds. It's all about the Q&A, and the backstory, of how a hit show came to be, as told by the people who thought it up and starred in it.

The Paley Center for Media's springtime festival, which turns 33 in 2016, just revealed its dates, though, in an applause-worthy show of TV-like suspense, not the featured shows. It's on from March 11 through 20, in Hollywood, at the Dolby Theatre.

The initial line-up of shows, and some of the stars set to appear, will be unveiled on Jan. 12. Tickets go on sale that day as well to "Paley Patrons, Paley Supporting Members, and Citi cardmembers." The on-sale date for the general public is Jan. 15.

Past years of PaleyFest have seen, well, as many shows as a DVR can hold. "Modern Family" and "The Mindy Project" and "Freaks & Geeks" and "Scandal" and "The Good Wife" have all taken the stage. Both half hours and hourlongs get the spotlight for a night, and older shows often get a chance to come back for a reunion or anniversary of sorts. (Think "Lost" and such.)

Will your favorite show show up in 2016? Or the series that your relative demanded, in all caps, with exclamation points, that you begin watching at once?

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TV is a passionate calling for many, and PaleyFest is one of the few ways to go straight to the starry source and learn, in person, how everything you adore, from the cast to the plots to the setting, came to be.

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