Pasadena Humane's ‘Kids for Animals' Club Goes Virtual

The online series, which woofs/meows over six Wednesdays, will include a host of critter-centered activities, and show & tell, too.


What to Know

  • Jan. 13-Feb. 17, 2021
  • Wednesdays, 3:30-4:15 p.m.
  • $100; money from the series helps the animal non-profit

Your amazing, funny, and super-chatty child?

Not only do they have the best stories, but they have the best ways of telling those stories, plot point to plot twist to a big and thrilling ending.

But few stories in a kid's life seem to boast the emotion, happiness, and sheer excitement as a tale told about a tail-wagging, four-paw'd best buddy.

For youngsters who love animals are fully captivated by their critters, wanting to describe, later on, to you and everyone else they meet, every last adorable thing that animals so adorably do.

There's a place for pet-obsessed tots to find more interesting information about their furry friends, and to connect with other kids who put animals at the center of their own worlds: Pasadena Humane.

And the venerable non-profit is taking its Kids for Animals Club into the virtual sphere over six wintertime Wednesdays, all to give children at home a different learning and social dimension.

The club is open to kids between the ages of 7 and 11.

What can a club member expect during the 45-minute Zoom sessions?

They'll be able to "... engage in a variety of 'animal action' discussions, demonstrations, activities, and show & tells," with pros from Pasadena Humane leading the way.

The cost is $100, and the money helps the animal-helping organization's mission of helping our four-footed, wing-rocking, shell-sweet friends.

Is your child looking forward to again interacting with more animals one day soon, the playful pups they meet on the street and the cats they gladly scritch while visiting their friends' homes?

The virtual Kids for Animals Club can give young people a way to express their critter connection in a supportive and education-rich setting, while other local children are also doing the same sweet thing.

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