Philippe the Original Dips into Opening Day Fun

The French Dip icon will raffle off a quartet of Dodgers tickets, close to home plate, for a future game.

Philippe the Original

What to Know

  • Thursday, March 29
  • Pre-game to-dos begin at 11 a.m.
  • Giveaways and a ticket raffle are on deck

Ready to solve a local brain-twister?

What takes longer: Eating a French Dip at Philippe the Original, with some chips on the side, and a mandatory dollop of that famously fiery mustard, and maybe one of those hard-boiled eggs from the jar on the counter?

Or driving from the famous, Union Station-adjacent eatery to Dodger Stadium?

We mean, hello. This is a toughie, let's be real.

Can you eat a French Dip, with chips, in eight minutes? Because that's about how long it takes to toodle, by a set of wheels, between the two beloved LA landmarks on a not-too-trafficky day.

In short? It's short. Really short, and probably can be completed in less time than devouring the meaty, juice-dipped concoction.

Which is all leading to this: The very true and tight connection between Philippe's and the Dodgers is as warm as that mustard is hot, and the restaurant intends to celebrate the team's Opening Day on Thursday, March 29 in a celebratory, wear-your-blue way.

Everything'll rev up at 11 a.m., hours before the game's 4:08 p.m. start time, with giveaways and a crack at a raffle. The prize? A fourfer of field-level tickets, near home plate, for the Dodgers-Marlin meet-up on Wednesday, April 25.

If you win, you'll read about it on March 30 via the Philippe the Original social feeds.

Cool. Big yays. Good luck and high fives.

And if you don't want to make the drive to the stadium, after your French Dip or whatever you nosh on? Be the drive eight minutes or longer?

There's the Dodger Stadium Express bus, located just a short walk away from the historic restaurant, at Union Station. (If you have a ticket to the game, and it is the day of the game, the ride is free.)

So you need a French Dip, you need to hear the crack of the bats and sense the freshly cut grass, and you need all of the LA-amazing come-togetherness that these two iconic LA things can deliver, which is a whole, whole bunch.

Happy Opening Day and Happy Philippe fun-timing!

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