Pi Day Is Here and We Need Pie

How do you celebrate March 14, or 3/14, or 3.14, if you prefer? The Pie Hole is offering free delivery, all March long.

The Pie Hole

What to Know

  • March 14
  • Pie enjoys several holidays on the national calendar, but Pi Day is for all pie
  • The Pie Hole is offering free delivery through March

We're not going to be crusty about this crucial topic: Pie is an ultimate comfort food, one that sweet-toothers and savory lovers have sought through the ages.

It matters not if the pie in question is lush and sweet with rhubarb, or full of meats and cheeses and potatoes, or has gone full custard. The iconic, one-pan foodstuff has long tempted us, pleased us, and filled our collective tummies through the centuries.

Pie is so darn loved that it enjoys several special spotlights on the national food calendar, holidays that pay tribute to specific tastes, from apple pie to lemon chiffon pie (and well beyond).

But March 14? That's Pi Day, thanks to the fact that the date's numbers, 3/14, comprise the first three numbers of pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Mmm, mathematical constants are tasty.

How are you enjoying the day? At-home bakers are breaking out the rolling pins and flour cannisters for a day of fillings and fulfillment.

And at The Pie Hole? The local pie-making company is offering a sweet deal for the rest of March 2020: Free delivery.

So if you're at home, not going out, and craving a crust stuffed with something gooey and delicious, best take advantage of the offer (which, yes, lasts for two weeks, and a couple of days, beyond Pi Day).

Is this all a bit pie in the sky? Nope, for pie on our plates is the way we prefer to observe the annual holiday.

Happy Pi Day, whether you're baking your own, ordering in, or finding a slice you stowed at the back of the fridge last week (wise move, pie saver).

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