Polish Off Some Pie holes, New at The Pie Hole

The smaller snacky pie bites debuted earlier in November.

What to Know

  • The Pie Hole
  • $1 each
  • Caramel apple, blueberry crumble, Mexican chocolate, Nutella

"I'm going to The Pie Hole to eat a Pie hole" might suggest, to a listener, that you end to devour the whole pie shop, including the door, the tables, and the ovens, too.

But The Pie Hole and a Pie hole are two different things, though, yes, as of earlier in November, they are now deliciously linked in many a pie person's mind.

For "The Pie Hole" is, yes, a Southern California boutique pastry chain of pie-luscious shops while a "Pie hole," with a lowercase "h," is a new "two-bite" pie served within those pie-luscious shops.

Mmm, two-bite pies. When one bite is not enough, and, really, one slice or whole pie isn't enough, but you only should probably have two bites, for the moment.

And, of course, if you buy two two-bite pies, well, here's the delicious math: You'll get four bites.

Pie holes are a buck each, while a Baker's Dozen is $12. 

The flavors? There are four, including Mexican chocolate, Nutella, caramel apple, and blueberry crumble.

The places to pie it up? The Pie Hole has taken hold in several area neighborhoods, including the Arts District, Long Beach, Pasadena, Hollywood, Orange County, and Venice.

The number of two-bite Pie holes that would ultimately equal one whole pie? That might be a question for a philosopher to ponder. Because how many bites would it take you to inhale an entire pie?

A chin-scratcher, indeed. Best start out with these new two-biters, for a buck a pop, and go from there. Spend four bucks, get all four different Pi holes, and have the sublime experience of eating a quartet of pie flavors in one sitting.

That's a hole, we mean whole new experience, even for the hardcore pie-eating pros out there.

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