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Pumpkin People, Tickets to Mr. Bones Will Soon Be on Sale

Want to roam this orange-laden lark when October starts? Book your spot for one of the starriest squash scenes around.

Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

UPDATE: Ticket sales will now begin Sept. 24.

A perfectly circular fruit, the kind of globular fruit you might have drawn back when you were a kid? Or do you like an oblong pumpkin, or a taller pumpkin, or a gourd that's got a few bumps and knobs?

We all likely have our whimsical wishes in the pumpkin-picking department, but falling for a fantastical fruit that has its own character, quirkiness, and hard-to-describe oomph can throw all of our desires out the window, or, if you prefer, off the jack o'lantern-lined porch.

But you can't fall in love with a weird and/or wonderful pumpkin if you don't see it first, so making for a destination that is packed them pumpkin-y picks, like Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, has to be a first stop.

And if you'd like to be one of the first people to pick a pumpkin out at the long-running pop-up pumpkin-terium, be sure to purchase your admission soon. For tickets for "the first half of October" go on sale on Sept. 24. (Updated)

Admission prices will vary, depending on a few things, like whether you're swinging by the Culver City patch on a weekend, in the evening, or at another time.

And while "patch" does fit this fanciful destination, there's so much more to the pumpkin'd-out place, with activities, food trucks, and occasional live entertainment upping the festive fall feel.

Oh yes, and there's a VIP area, too. Mr. Bones has long been known as the place where movie stars go a-squashin', and seeing someone from the small or silver screen there is not an uncommon occurrence.

So are you ready to call upon the starriest patch in the land? It opens on Oct. 7, 2021, but you'll want to get your ticket, at least for the earlier part of October, starting on Sept. 24. (Updated)

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