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Pups Are Invited to Golden Road's 5K Fun Run

The "Golden Friday" event, taking place on the day after Thanksgiving, will take place in both Atwater Village and Anaheim.

Zane Roessell

What to Know

  • Friday, Nov. 26
  • Atwater Village and Anaheim
  • In-person runner's packages start at $20; virtual packages are available for $5 and $10; Wags & Walks will receive five dollars from every participant, in-person and virtual

What does the day after Thanksgiving hold for you, usually?

Maybe you're still scrubbing the gravy boat, or cleaning up the pan that held the pecan pie. Perhaps you're catching up with a visiting pal, or perusing sales, or putting your feet up after a day of hosting family members.

Or maybe? You're putting your feet to the pavement, all to create some friendly connections, and raise funds for Fidos, and savor some fine foams, too.

If that's the cheerful case, chances are as good as a tail-wagger is snuggable that you're participating in Golden Road Brewing's Golden Friday 5K Fun Run.

The event will take place in both Anaheim and Atwater Village, but there's no need to hoof it between the two cities: You can choose one or the other, and stick to the route that keeps close to the Golden Road based in either city.

Or there's another way to join: Virtually, from home, which will still give you a way to connect with the craft brewery and the sweet spirit of the day.

For the "sweet" part of the post-holiday part is this: Wags & Walks, a dog rescue that has long been a partner to Golden Road, will be the event's beneficiary. Golden Road will donate $5 from each participant, meaning if you go with the $5 "Be Giving" virtual package, your entire fee will help Wags & Walks.

But wait: There's a virtual option, for ten dollars, that will net you a tee, bib, and a digital code for Golden Road beer (it's worth five dollars). Oh yes: Free delivery is involved. And oh yes, part two: There's a beer koozie, too, if you happen to be a koozie-thusiast.

And if you're putting shoe to asphalt in either Anaheim or Atwater Village? There's more sweetness to spread: Your pup is invited to run alongside you.

Oh yes: And there are a couple of in-person packages to pick from, including one that nets you a beer and breakfast burrito.

Check out the virtual runs, general info, and sign-up must-knows on the Golden Road site now.

Because what are you doing the day after Thanksgiving? For a lot people who dig their dogs, community camaraderie, fall-soft sunshine, and something sudsy, the answer is "joining the Golden Friday 5K Fun Run."

That's your answer? Cool: Start here.

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