Purr: Cat Art Show 2 LA

Paintings full of furry-mazing-ness go on display at Think Tank Gallery.

Katsunori Miyagi

Protest all you like, and claim otherwise, and vow to sign some sort of official-looking document, but facts are facts. And the fact is that you, in the privacy of your own home, often imagine your cat as some sort of superhero, or royal heir to a distant throne, or a creature bold enough to ride a shark, and without a saddle, too.

Our whiskery BFFs draw out our whimsical sides, like a kitten draws out a length of yarn from a tempting ball of wool. But to see that feline fantasy played out, in visual style, is something most cat-loving humans don't often encounter. So we remain at home, on the sofa, pretending our cat is an outer space alien, or perhaps has secret powers.

Cats' kookier natures, and our love of giving them grander back stories, will go on colorful, humorous display at Think Tank Gallery  from Thursday, March 24 through Sunday, March 27. It's "Cat Art Show LA: The Sequel," a zippy line-up of lovely, weird, hilarious, and moving artworks by some 70s artists.

If you really do daydream of your paw'd pal doing super-brave things like riding sharks, look to Kozyndan's "Kitties and Sharks," a flowery mash-up of powerful oceanic beasties and the cuddlers on our couch. Rae Cook's "Him" features a man, a cat, and the beard that flows between both in psychedelic hues.

Mark Ryden, Norman Reedus, Kat Von D, and several other big names have purrrrr-fect pieces in the four-day show.

Cats with wings, cats jumping on beds, cats adjacent to disco-cool mirrorballs, cats baking bread, and cats in elegant repose fill the dreamlike painting- and photo-scapes of some of the works.

Will your on-the-couch scenarios for your own kitty match some of the marvels you see at Think Tank? Probably, because, as confirmed, we're all a little creative when it comes to the secret superhero lives of our cats. 

No cat aficionado has ever not stepped into the role as playful storyteller, on behalf of their mysterious and infinitely interesting bestie.

Pictured: Katsunori Miyagi's "Cat Mountain"

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