Put a Loved One's Name on a Hollywood Boulevard Marquee

Place a merry message on the El Capitan Theatre's digital sign, and add fun graphics, too, for an additional fee.

El Capitan Theatre

What to Know

  • El Capitan Theatre is at 6838 Hollywood Boulevard
  • The limited-time Marquee Messages program
  • Packages are priced at $100 and $200; your message will be placed in rotation during a 4-hour or 8-hour window

Are you a major marquee headliner?

The kind of person who can pop by a celebrated cinema, only to find your name sparkling down from its street-facing sign?

Plenty of Southern Californians have this dream, or one closely adjacent to it.

Of course, a lot of work, skill-building, auditioning, and patience can go into the time-honored process of achieving stardom.

And any star worth their trailer knows that the route to gracing a theater's glowing, eye-catching advertisement has more twists and turns than a thrilling film.

But if you'd like to treat a special someone to a few hours on a Tinseltown marquee, to celebrate the holidays, an important occasion, or your love and friendship, well... that particular road is as clearly defined as popcorn is buttery.

For El Capitan Theatre, the historic movie palace owned by The Walt Disney Company, has an offer that is truly once-in-a-lifetime: You can place a message on its large marquee, in rotation, for a few hours this holiday season.

How many hours will depend upon the package you go with, of course (and note that your message will come up about once every hour).

The $100 package means that "... your message appears in rotation with theatre content for 4 hours (appearing at least once per hour)," while the $200 package covers an eight-hour window.

If you go with the $200 package, your marquee message will "hold" for a pre-planned time.

And both packages including a digital photo of your marquee message.

There's also a $25 Digital Package, which features a digital snapshot of your sign.

Keep in mind that some dates will have premium pricing, like Dec. 24, 25, and 26, as well as a few others, and there's an additional fee of $50, if you'd like to add graphics.

Find out more now at this unusual chance in an unusual year.

Major marquees like the one fronting the world-famous El Cap have typically been busy promoting both the theater's current film as well as upcoming movie engagements, thus placing the name of your child or sweetheart on the venue's sign hasn't been possible before.

It is now, for a limited-time, due to the temporary closure of cinemas.

Have something sweet you'd like to say to a friend, family member, or dearheart that only can be said on an over-sized, say-it-big sign right in the middle of Movietown?

Here's where you start to make your loved one a Hollywood star, at least for a few fun and festive hours.

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