Visit ‘Walt Disney's Storybook Mansion' via a Free Livestream

The Dec. 5 event, timed to the legend's birthday, will offer a peek inside the enchanting Woking Way house.

Courtesy of Woking Way and Disney

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 5 at noon
  • Free (Facebook Live)
  • Disney expert Todd Regan will lead the look-around at the lovely location, a place brimming with history and charm

"Home is where the heart is" is the oft-said chestnut we all recognize.

But what happens when the home in question is a place associated with some of the most heartfelt stories ever told, the tales so many of us know and treasure?

Such an abode would swirl with natural enchantment, surely, and the sense that somebody magical once walked its happy hallways.

A place like that really exists, right here in Southern California, and it is found on Woking Way in the hills of Los Feliz. It's Walt Disney's Storybook Mansion, the penultimate place that the entertainment icon called home.

True, many fans know all about Mr. Disney's Carolwood Estate in Holmby Hills, and the charming train that famously choo-choo'd around the stately spread.

But it is the Woking Way house that is an enduring stand-out for many Disney devotees.

It's where the storytelling legend lived the longest, starting in 1932, and the home where he hung his fabled fedora after days spent working on "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Fantasia," "Pinocchio," and the classics that helped to define both the celebrated studio and what animated features could be.

Do you long to have an informed and intriguing roam around a casa built by classic cartoons and filled with family memories and love?

Disney expert Todd Regan will host a livestream on Saturday, Dec. 5 at noon, all to give fans in Los Angeles and around the world a winsome look at a whimsical house.


It's free to join, too.

And something that's as splendid as Sleeping Beauty's Castle is tall? The fifth of December just happens to be the anniversary of Walter Elias Disney's birth.

What can you hope to see during the complimentary virtual experience?

Stunning stained glass, a quintessential "curl-around" Old Hollywood staircase, a sunken living room boasting woodsy beams, and a fairytale playhouse in the back for Sharon and Diane, the Disney girls who grew up there, may be some of the details seen during the livestream.

Woking Way

You know Disneyland quite well, and the Burbank studio, and local restaurants like the Tam O'Shanter, where Mr. Disney and his animators famously lunched back in the day.

But are you familiar with his longtime home, a haven that truly backed up the claim that "home is where the heart is"?

If you've loved the heart-true films seen on-screen over the decades, and are seeking to deepen your knowledge of Disney history, stop by a home with heart, via your screen, a place that still regally stands to this day in lovely Los Feliz.

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