Sip a Mickey Mouse-Themed Shake on Mickey's Birthday

Nov. 18 is the Mickey-est and Minnie-est day of the year, and Black Tap at Downtown Disney District has just the dessert to celebrate it.

Black Tap

What to Know

  • Black Tap at Downtown Disney District in Anaheim
  • Open daily (please observe safety policies when visiting Downtown Disney businesses)
  • $24 (take-out available)

Keeping track of birthdays can be tricky, but various paper calendars can help, and nifty apps, and those on-the-ball siblings who helpfully remind us that an important family occasion is on the horizon.

But remembering the birthday of Mickey and Minnie Mouse is here?

Stow the calendars and close the apps, for that is happily written on our hearts, our minds, and memories.

And the 18th day of November, which falls just under two weeks before the boss's birthday (that would be Walt Disney, of course), is when we pay Mickey and Minnie a special congratulations.

That can be done in a many merry ways, from watching "Steamboat Willie" or "Plane Crazy" on Disney+ to wearing your snuggliest sweatshirt, the one that features both characters.

But if you're in range of Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, you might consider picking up the new Special Edition Shake featuring Mickey Mouse at Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer.

The sippable sweet is as bursting and over-the-top as you know a Black Tap CrazyShake to be, "... with a vanilla frosted rim with Mickey Mouse sprinkles topped with a homemade Mickey Mouse shaped crisped rice treat, white and red rock candy, whipped cream, red sprinkles and a cherry on top."

The flavor? It's strawberry. The price? It's $24.

But be heartened if you can't stop by for this Disney-fied dessert on Mickey and Minnie's actual birthday (they're turning 92 in 2020, by the by).

The decadent dessert actually an ongoing treat at Black Tap, available for take-out or outdoor dining.

Craving another CrazyShake?

The menu has several, including the Bam Bam Shake (Fruity Pebbles are a main element) and Cookies 'N Cream Supreme (hello, Oreos).

The full menu, which also includes Black Tap's well-known burgers, is here.

For more info on Downtown Disney, call upon this page now.

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