Queen Mary's Holiday Plans Now on Deck

The vintage-inspired event will include a dazzling tree and an "expanded" outdoor village in 2019.

What to Know

  • Nov. 29-Jan. 1, select dates
  • Ice skating, Santa Claus, the Grand Carousel
  • Tickets on sale

Characters are often seen boarding trains in seasonal storybooks, the sort of charming locomotives that can whisk them off to a land of over-sized candy canes and nuzzly reindeer and all of the treats of their dreams.

But there are other conveyances that possess a strong Christmas spirit, especially when more than a few twinkly lights are added and a grand tree is erected. Take the notably large ship that has grandly sat in Long Beach, or rather just off the shore in Long Beach, since 1967.

It's the Queen Mary, and while the iconic ocean-liner's days of whisking guests off to faraway lands have ended, at least in terms of actual, on-the-water movement, it has proven it still is in the whisking-off, dream-making business.

Take its annual Queen Mary Christmas celebration, which is very much about whisking visitors to a vintage era of yuletide joy, an era that matches the ship's '30s-era look.

The merry, multi-week party is returning on Nov. 29 in 2019, with several proven-to-be-popular sights in tow, as well as a few new things, such as an "expanded outdoor holiday village."

The ebullient events will stay sparkly Thursday through Sunday throughout the seasonal spectacular's run, and a number of special happenings, including Storytime with Mrs. Claus, a Grand Carousel, the making of gingerbread houses, ice skating, and the giant rocking horse, a towering toy that's now become associated with the gleeful gathering.

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No one would dare pit trains against boats in terms of what method of transport is best at delivering revelers to the seasonal fun place of their dreams.

But there's a ship that's sailing into the heart of the holidays, while staying put in Long Beach, over several whimsical weeks.

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