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The Irvine farm will give hundreds of vegetable-packed boxes to area families, but you'll need to be among the first 500 people to email.

Tanaka Farms

What to Know

  • Community Care Package giveaway
  • Be among the first 500 people to email for the May 7 package pick-up
  • Irvine

Some zesty zucchini bread? A few carrot coins on adding color and crunch to the dinner plate? A couple of citrus fruits to add zing to an afternoon snack?

We do love the gifts of the garden, and how their healthy properties and delicious flavors improve and enhance every meal.

Tanaka Farms is one of our region's oldest purveyors of such straight-from-the-earth eats, and the Irvine agricultural landmark has long been a go-to for people searching out amazing root vegetables, berries, greens, and various citrus fruits.

But those aren't the only things that the farm has been growing in recent weeks. Tanaka Farms, with the partnership of several other food-focused organizations, is spreading sunshine and goodwill to hundreds of Southern California families by giving away community boxes brimming with fruits and veggies.

Would you like to receive one? Be among the first 500 people to email Tanaka Farms at info@tanakafarms for the next round of Community Care Packages, which will be available for pick-up on Thursday, May 7.

"During this current crisis, there are many families in need of a helping hand, as well as many local farmers and food makers that may also be struggling due to decrease in business," reads a message on the Tanaka Farms Instagram page.

"From the generous support of Tanaka Farms, Helping Farms Feed Families, and OCO's Walk the Farm, along with the generous donations of fresh produce from @ManaserroFarms, and as a way to support local businesses such as @OldTownBakingCompany@BatistaFamilyFarm Milk, #FamilyTreeProduce, and @ChefNavidi of Oceans and Earth Restaurant, we have been able to source enough fresh, high-quality food to give Community Care Packages to 500 (!!!) families in need, free of charge."

It's truly a community effort, for a great cause. Find out more now, and email to be part of the Helping Farms Feed Families program.

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