Ren Faire 2021 Is Canceled, but Future Fests Will Reign

Medieval merriment must wait: The huge springtime spectacular is putting the jousts and jests on hold, with hopes for the festivals to come.

Ren Faire

What to Know

  • The springtime faire traditionally happens over several April and May weekends
  • Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
  • Your current ticket will be honored as organizers look to a future fest

Sometimes? You're fully "forsooth"-less and you have no "huzzahs" to give.

Such is likely the case as the ardent-hearted fans of the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, one of our country's largest medieval merriments, learn that the 2021 springtime spectacular has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Organizers of the Southern California event, which takes place at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale made the announcement on social medial on Feb. 3, 2021.

Ren Faire typically opens in early April each year, and cavorts over several joust-filled, jest-packed weekends.

"This is a painful and impactful decision for Faire-goers and for our small company," shared the team behind the popular party, which often finds guests as well-costumed as the performers and participants.

Something, though, that will put the "huzzah"-happy spirit back in the hearts of Ren Faire's many local fans?

The people who make the magic have a keen eye on what's to come. "Tickets will be honored during the next production season," the announcement revealed, and ticket exchange information is available on the Ren Faire site.

But the message of hope found within the cancellation post? It's notably high as the team looks to lively larks to come.

Perhaps now is the time for you to finally sew that lace Elizabethan ruff from scratch or to practice your juggling or to learn a few new ballads to play on your lute?

Ren Faire will return one day, and its charmingly costumed revelers will be back to enjoy turkey legs, archery displays, royal sightings, and more.

Follow Ren Faire's social media for more updates as 2021 gallops onward to a brighter time.

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