RennCon, a Cosplay-Themed Weekend, to Merrily Rule the Renaissance Faire

Go steampunky, try on fairy wings for size, or incorporate a bit of both: This is the time for costuming enthusiasts to shine.

Igor Alecsander

What to Know

  • RennCon Weekend at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire
  • April 29 and 30, 2023
  • Included with admission; guests are invited to dress up from any genre (not solely historical or from the Renaissance era)

Donning your doublet, tights, and ruff for a day out at a regal Renaissance festival is a time-honored, time-travel-y tradition, one that puts you among the other throwback revelers of the occasion.

But what if you could attend this effervescent outdoor affair while rocking a costume that isn't strictly dictated by the attire that people regularly rocked centuries ago?

You can: It's called RennCon, a cosplay-themed weekend presented by the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale.

Of course, you can wear your jester-inspired best, if you'd like, while visiting the celebration on April 29 or 30, 2023.

But if you've got a steampunk get-up, complete with brassy goggles and a velvet top hat, you're more than welcome to mix a bit of 19th-century fantasy into the ye olden tymes revelry.

The "biggest cross-genre extravaganza you've ever seen" will take place at the large-scale event, which can be found at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

Procuring your admission to RennCon?

No special ticket is required: Your entry to the fair includes the sights and sounds of the cosplay-tacular.

"Whether you draw your inspiration from the sci-fi scene, anime, comics, television, fairy tales, or anywhere else… we invite you to mingle with our 16th-century townsfolk at the biggest costume party in L.A.," promises the faire on its site.

If this is all giving you the feel of a film that features centuries-spanning gadabouts, those brave and spunky time travelers that pop in and out of various eras, you're correct.

How correct are you? There's a Time Traveler Costume Contest afoot, furthering the festive sense that several fantastical genres will all swirl together on one celebratory scene.

And we do mean celebratory: A Cosplay Maypole Dance is one of the merry centerpieces of the outlandish fun.

Slip on your goggles now, and fairy wings, too, and fly by the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire site for all of the recon on RennCon.

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