Seal and Sea Lion Habitat: Aquarium Redo

The Long Beach-based pinnipeds are now back at home in their recently refurbished stomping — er, splashing — grounds.

If you've ever had work done on your home, the kind of refurbishment that takes a few weeks and a good deal of planning, you likely had something like a modern kitchen counter installed or fresh tile added to the tub and shower.

What you probably didn't order is "new rockwork" or a "coastal seascape mural" or platforms that provide amazing viewability. But, then again, you are probably not a seal or sea lion, and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is not your stomping — er, splashing — grounds.

But you may wish, at least for a moment, you could be a playful pinniped splashing at the new Seal and Sea Lion Habitat at the aquatic institution. The habitat shuttered near the close of last year for some thorough reworking, a redo that included the aforementioned rockwork, and some snazzy, oceanic art, and updates to the windows and platforms (which give guests "better visibility of the animals and presenters"). 

Plumbing and "other structures" were also treated to a "complete overhaul" during the multi-week renovation, a project that required 182,000 gallons of water to be drained from the habitat.

The pinnipeds, those whiskery, twirling, aqua-sleek wonders, consistently draw a fawning band of onlookers at the Aquarium of the Pacific, making the re-opening of the habitat truly welcome news for both seal- and sea lion-loving landlubber and habitat resident alike.

How to see these sweet-faced, flipper-rocking clowns at play and at rest (though, of course, mostly at play, or so it seems)? Admission to the harbor-close institution is all that's required. 

Whether you decide to incorporate a new sea-themed mural, or rockwork, or viewing platforms, into your next at-home renovation project, is up to you.

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