Shake Shack's ‘Game of Thrones' Treats Are Coming

Actually, they're here: Prepare for the Dracarys Burger and Dragonglass Shake.

What to Know

  • Available beginning April 12
  • Dragonglass Shake available nationwide through May 19
  • Dracarys Burger available only at Shake Shack West Hollywood through April 21, or while supplies last

So you've been tirelessly trekking all day long, to make the Valyrian Peninsula by nightfall, all the while keeping an eye out to make sure no villains are on your trail.

It can be stressful, and exhausting, for sure, but mostly? You've built up an appetite, as one does when they're living inside the intense universe of "Game of Thrones."

But what's that, over on the cliff?

It's no band of roaming warriors, nor even some mythical creature sent to pursue you from the sky: It's a Shake Shack, and it has a treat that's right on time for the start of the HBO phenomenon's final season.

It's the Dragonglass Shake, which will be available at all Shake Shacks around the nation from Friday, April 12 through Sunday, May 19.

The $6.79 shake is described as a tasty example of the Westeros-based "Wall to Table movement."

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Shake Shack's fantastical description of its pop-up dessert?

Wait for it: "Custard is frozen with packed snow harvested beyond the Wall and hand-churned by members of the Night's Watch. Final prep occurs in Winterfell, where the shake is topped by shards of Dragonglass imported from the caves of Dragonstone."

"Please note supplies are limited as the Wall is currently undergoing major renovations."

That's a dessert drink with a seriously layered backstory.

While the Dragonglass Shake can be purchased at any Shake Shack, the Dracarys Burger is only availabe at the West Hollywood location.

It's a double Monterey Jack cheeseburger topped with piquant sauce and bacon "imported from Essos — a Dothraki delicacy."

The price? Put away your gold dragons and silver stags, for you'll need dollars for this delight. It's $10.99.

If Dothrakian delicacies are your jam, don't wait on this one: You can enjoy this Seven Kingdoms cuisine through April 21 in West Hollywood, or while supplies last.

Best saddle up your dragon, or gather your roaming party, and take flight for Shake Shack faster than an arrow flies.

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