Shake Shacks Keep Rolling Across LA

Century City and Hollywood are coming up for the popular NYC chain.

When you first learn that a popular out-of-state restaurant chain is going to open here, a person will oftentimes pause and ask, "okay, but how far will I need to drive for that famous donut/cookie/hot dog?"

It's not that you're not excited, because you are, because everyone and three of their cousins have been raving about it, daily, in your immediate vicinity. But the slow roll-out is something of a hallmark of new eatery outfits landing in Southern California, and figuring out the miles you'll need to cross to sample it is part of the deal.

Such is not going to be the case with Shake Shack, the mega-popular, started-in-2004, raves-all-over New York chain, a company that indeed whips up well-known milkshakes but also now-famous burgers, too.

The West Hollywood Shake Shack just made its queue-big debut, but others are on the horizon, as recent announcements on the company's social media sites reveal.

Century City, you're up for your own Shake Shack on in "early 2017." It'll be located Westfield Century City.

And Hollywood, you're still trucking along towards your own French fry-filled spot, with a debut at Eastown at Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue near the close of 2016.

The Shake Shacks in Glendale and downtown LA have already had burger buffs abuzz for a few months now.

That's five burgeries in all, within the next year, meaning that you won't need to go too-too far to try a Roadside Double ("Double Swiss cheeseburger with Dijon mustard and onions simmered in bacon and beer") or a ShackBurger (a cheeseburger with the traditional leafy toppings plus the dream-about-it ShackSauce).

If you're hoping to get the jump on where the sixth location is going to be -- and, at this rate, one may show up sooner than later -- best keep an eye on Shake Shack's Facebook page, and not the locations area of its main site, which currently only lists West Hollywood.

It's kind of what a foodie does, though, right? When an out-of-state, oh-so-anticipated eatery opens its first shop in town, people cross the miles to see what the fuss is about.

But with Shake Shack's impressive new-openings-coming-soon rate, those miles will grow smaller and smaller for shake lovers around Southern California.

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