Shark Week Snackage: Playa Treats

The Playa Provisions treat pays homage to a summer classic.

Playa Provisions

Thanks to the proliferation of nature shows and travel-oriented cable channels, many of us now know, in colorful detail, what sharks like to eat, how they eat, where they eat, and how all of those famous teeth play an impressive role in the shark's digestive process.

But what do we eat when it comes to our shark-focused education?

Sure, you could vote "popcorn" and that wouldn't be entirely incorrect; "Jaws" is still, by far, the best known/beloved/watched shark-obsessed movie of all time, a blockbuster that plays on numerous big screens come early July. (A given, as it is set over the Fourth of July weekend.)

Noshing while we watch various Shark Week programs, though, is up for debate. The popular run of educational fare just kicked off on Discovery and with it, a pair of pretty approachable, not-too-scary desserts at Playa Provisions.

Which, let us note, is a very short walk from the beach, should you want to eat your "shark food" while Pacific-adjacent.

The Playa del Rey eatery is offering both a Shark Sundae -- bet you've never put those two words together before -- and a red velvet cupcake that comes topped with the ocean's powerful, big-finned superstars.

The sundae is "sea foam mint ice cream" plus gummy sharks and candy shark teeth, if you're curious what makes a cold confection sharky. Pastry chef Kristin Feuer created both, and, in a stroke of knowing one's audience, will make sure they're both on the menu throughout July (and not just for the duration of Shark Week).

If we were to add "kids'll love 'em!" here we'd only be half-correct; we all know a few shark-obsessed grown-ups who happen to have a sweet tooth, too.

And if you're visiting such a grown-up to watch documentaries about the gill-laden, prehistoric-looking wonder of the deep, showing up with a few shark-topped cupcakes may earn you a high fin.

Er, a high five, though "high fin" must be what sharks give each other when the camera are off.

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