Shop a Most Mysterious Market at Heritage Square Museum

Les Carnaval de la Lune, an elegant outdoor lark, will call upon the historic destination over a single enchanting Saturday.

Les Carnaval de La Lune

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 12, 4 to 10 p.m.
  • "Over 60 of the finest apothecaries, artisans, oddities, and mystics await" you at the 110-close landmark
  • $15-$35 entry; please remember to wear a mask and observe safety guidelines

Outdoor marketplaces, the kind of artisan-amazing events that brim with beautiful objects, wearables, artworks, and keep-forever treasures, are as much a part of a Southern California summer as foggy June mornings and hot August afternoons.

Those marketplaces, on the whole, took the warmer stretch of 2020 off. But as we face 2021's toastier months, some of those alfresco festivals will return in a more spacious and socially distanced way, with COVID considerations in place.

And, of course, a lovely line-up of shoppable, super-memorable finds, the goodies that make great gifts (unless, of course, you decide to keep your delightful discovery for your own home).

Les Carnaval de la Lune, which is haunting Heritage Square Museum (in the most ethereal and elegant sense) on June 12, will be just the sort of outdoor pop-up you may have dearly missed in 2020.

But wait, there's an alluring twist to this to-do: It has a mysterious nature, as evidenced, in part, by its afternoon-into-evening hours.

The fantastical fun begins at 4 p.m., and continues beyond the setting of the sun, with a wrap time of 10 o'clock.

Guests will stroll by "(o)ver 60 of the finest apothecaries, artisans, oddities, and mystics" at Les Carnaval de la Lune, which has been stylishly summoned from beyond by Witches Brew LA, "a Southern California based event production company specializing in spooky themed entertainment and immersive events."

That's right: As is tradition, our region's pre-Halloween season has already begun, with this creative carnaval serving as one of the first signs that autumn is not too faraway.

Carnival games are also part of the scene, which is hauntingly helmed by Zachariah the Witch, as are photo opps with an old-timey flair.

So if you'd like to wear a veiled hat, carry a parasol, or add an engraved pocket watch to your vintage ensemble, before you step out your door?

You are most welcome to do so; other guests will certainly be dressed to honor the spirit of the event.

Whatever you wear, do remember you mask, which should be worn at the Magical Marketplace, and be aware of the safety guidelines as you swan about the scenic grounds.

Tickets are $15-$35 and are available now.

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