Sign up for Pasadena Humane's Adorable Pet Portrait Sessions

The animal center is jumpstarting the joy early; book your slot, gussy up, and say "cheese" (or whatever your pet's favorite snack might be).

Pasadena Humane

What to Know

  • Holiday Pet Photos with photographer Erica Danger at Pasadena Humane
  • Saturday, Nov. 5; 361 S. Raymond Avenue in Pasadena
  • $45; Pasadena Humane is a beneficiary

Revisiting our favorite furry photos again and again and again, those uplifting pics that feature our kitten or dog, is pretty much a daily must-do for people, for the mere sight of our snuggable cuddlers can turn our day, or at least our momentary mood, around.

But your cat or pup? They're not always looking at the camera. They're sometimes nibbling their own foot. Or chasing string.

And is that some pumpkin or peanut butter in their beard? If they're obsessed with deliciously messy treats, the possibility is real.

There is a way, though, to have your honeybun sit and stay for a snapshot, and for you to sit alongside them, smiling, should you want to use the photo in your festive December greetings.

Just book a Holiday Pet Photo session at Pasadena Humane (which is also the beneficiary of the Nov. 5 event).

The venerable animal-helping hub is known for its oh-so-cute happenings, from kid-centered workshops to the Wiggle Waggle Walk; now the take-a-picture to-do, with photographer Erica Danger at the happy helm, is giving pet people the chance to get an early start on their seasonal checklist.

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It's $45, and you'll need to select a time when you purchase. A few must-knows are on the page, including what the backdrop will look like (think black and gold) and the fact that there shall be "adorable holiday props" you can employ, if you and your pet or pets are feeling it.

Your final prints? You'll get those in the mail. As far as sizes go, and obtaining additional snapshots? There's more information here.

So will your shaggy buddy go with a plaid bowtie this year or soft reindeer antlers or will they arrive with a simple twinkle in their sweet eyes?

There's no need to dress up your bestie if they're not the dress-up sort, but you might consider wearing something special, be it a Santa hat or fancy frock.

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