Sip Messhall Kitchen's ‘Cocktails for a Cause'

Seven luscious libations are helping to raise money for seven wildlife and nature charities.

What to Know

  • Los Feliz
  • $13-$16
  • Through August 2019

Asking your bartender about a particular spirit, one that you can easily taste within the cocktail you're currently quaffing?

It's an expected question, and totally unsurprising. As unsurprising, really, as finding a marachino cherry in your glass, or a twist of lemon, or a crush of fancy ice.

But inquiring about which charities might benefit from the beverage you're enjoying is a rather more unusual query, one that's not often heard when a patron places his order.

That's changing, through the end of August but perhaps even longer, at Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz, for the stylish American fare purveyor just introduced seven "Cocktails for a Cause."

The causes? They all focus on wildlife or nature organizations.

The drinks? Choose The Flying Fox, which includes Gosling's Black Strap Rum, passion fruit cordial, and other flavorful additions, and show the love to Bat Conservation International. 

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Or go with the Hive Mentality, a libation made with Nat Kidder vodka, a hibiscus-madeira reduction, and more mmm-ful ingredients. Planet Bee Foundation is the recipient.

Drinks range from $13-$16, and "proceeds will go to these foundations," groups that all are actively working towards a better world for wildlife and a healthier planet overall.

We're raising our glass, emphatically, to that notion, with cheers to the bats, the bees, and every element of nature represented in this summer sippable promotion.

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