Sizzling Summer Nights: Dance at The Autry

Spin under the stars at the Griffith Park museum.

The longing to go dancing? It exists in the hearts, and toe-tapping feet, of many people, even, and perhaps especially, those people who don't shake it all that often, at least outside of the confines of their own den.

The bar can be pretty high, finding such a shake-it spot, should you desire a casual atmosphere, earlier in the evening, where there's no pressure to perform but only a general everyone-cut-loose-ness spirit in the air.

"Air" is the key word there, for the Autry Museum of the American West's annual Sizzling Summer Nights. The get-outside-and-live-it-up events are on each Thursday evening through Aug. 17, 2017, and while polished dancers with a knack for performing will be out in spectacular force, so will, well, everyone who just likes to move their happy bones to the music.

The tunes are provided by a host of live Latin fusion bands, and the place is The Autry's airy plaza, a roomy expanse that never leaves anyone feeling too hemmed in, unless perhaps you're the world's biggest twirler (if so, props).

If you're not the world's biggest twirler, or if you've never twirled at all, take note: A salsa instructor will advise attendees on a series of basic and beautiful steps. And there's a children's dance floor, too, for the up-and-coming stars among us.

Will the galleries'll be open after-hours, should you and your partner want to catch your breath and enjoy a few exhibits? They will, so plan on both spinning and soaking in a hefty dose of culture.

A taco bar and a place to purchase beverages both bring up the sustenance and refreshments end of the evening.

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Time? If you're there from 5:30 to 9, you're in the sweet spot.

Open-air-a-tude plus casual dance fun isn't a pairing we see too often, but if raising the roof when there isn't a roof around is your preference, dance-wise, the Autry is the place to be on a summer Thursday night.

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