Slip into Weird Portals at the Madcap Motel

The immersive Arts District pop-up will have a retro '60s vibe, at first glance, but some strange adventures, too.

Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel

What to Know

  • Opens March 13 (closed Wednesdays)
  • $40 adult, $30 kids ages 11 and under, kids under 3 admitted free
  • 940 E. 4th St. in the Arts District

You just never know when you're going to slip into a different dimension.

There you are, minding your own beeswax (or whatever you happen to mind, if not beeswax), and then suddenly? You've somehow slipped through a curious doorway, one that has led you to a place that is flush with fantastical possibility.

Of course, such moments don't arise all that often in our modern-day worlds, but they will when "Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel" opens in the Arts District on March 13.

That's a Friday the 13th, which is one instant clue that this will be a destination that is rife with odd and outlandish delights.

The experience's 19 distinct spaces are themed to motel rooms (complete with snazzy '60s designs), but you won't simply pause to admire various lamps, dressers and beds.

For these mysterious rooms also boast "hidden passageways" that allow visitors to call upon "... different dimensions to uncover an interactive series of whimsical wonders and amusing adventures."


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The whole curious kit and caboodle, which springs from the mind of experiential pro Paige Solomon? It'll run about an hour all told, or 90 minutes, depending upon your pace.

Is the Madcap Motel sort of an over-the-top, super-Instagrammy fun time? Yes. Is it kind of an escape room? That fits, in a sense. Might you think of it as a theatrical production, the sort of eccentric play in which you star? You might.

Call it a big and bizarre ball of exploration, design, and visual splendor, with some slipstreaming through portals lending the whole shebang some extra piquancy.

If alluring portals to astounding otherworlds continue to elude you, or they're just out of the corner of your eye, slip inside the Madcap Motel and see what you haven't been seeing, in a remarkable new light.

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