So There's a Disneyland Pineapple Doughnut, with Umbrella

It is not a Dole Whip doughnut, Disney devotees, but the tempting treat is available for a limited time.

What to Know

  • Anaheim
  • Through April 20, with a possible return in May
  • Main Street USA Coffee Cart

Call out, right now, without pondering for too long, the two words most likely to get a Disneyland visitor super-cali-fragi-excited.

"No line" would qualify here. "There's Mickey!" absolutely is a contender. "Parade's starting" feels about right, as does "Monorail's here."

And way, way up on the list? It's "Dole Whip," a pair of words that has inspired the tropical and tasty daydreams of countless Disney devotees on a hot day. 

You can find the legendary Dole Whip for sale outside Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, and, yes, at The Coffee House at Disneyland Hotel, too, where guests can order a Dole Whip float with rum (if they're over 21, of course).

When other pineapple-yummy treats pop up at the park, however, they may be delish, they may be scrumpsh, but they're not always rocking the Dole Whip handle.

Which is all lusciously leading to this: There is a magical, mouth-tempt-able, glistening, umbrella-topped pineapple doughnut that's currently being sold, through April 20, at the coffee cart on Main Street USA at the Anaheim theme park. 

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A doughnut that is currently lighting up the social media places with its glossy, photo-ready beauty and tummy-filling possibilities.

It's topped with meringue, and it is as pretty as a ball at your favorite castle, but it is not Dole Whip.

Much like that buzzed-about pineapple cotton candy that debuted over at Disney California Adventure back in the spring of 2017 was not Dole Whip.

Are we good? All okay? A Dole Whip is a Dole Whip. This doughnut is not a Dole Whip, nor does it carry the Dole name, but goodness, it is something special.

Is it perfect for springtime? Please. It's a pineapple doughnut wearing its own pert and colorful paper umbrella. It's like springtime itself has transformed into an edible sweet, with the assistance of the Fairy Godmother's wand.

Might we see it again? We might. It could come back in May, is the good word from the park, but if you absolutely have to have it, visit the Happiest Place on Earth ahead of April 20.

The price is $6.

Surely you'll snack on the confection in the morning, only to follow it with a Dole Whip in the afternoon? Surely.

Pineapple people, know this: The tart treats are plentiful and flavorful as spring warms up at 1313 Disneyland Drive. Doughnut miss out.

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