SoCal Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

A downtown street fest, dance-ready tunes, and corned beef fill the holiday.

First things first: The tiny green stripe on your socks, the one that's kind of lime, but more yellow, may not get you off the hook on St. Patrick's Day, even if you passionately defend your sartorial choices to those people dressed fully in hues of emerald and forest.

Once you are, too, then you are set for a day-long celebration around Southern California, a party that frequently begins just after dawn at some of the more vivacious venues. 

If your goals are A) green beer or B) simply a beer, such as a Guinness and C) hearing some fiddle-fun tunes while holding the aforementioned beer, there are places around SoCal that are a mite closer than jetting to Dublin. Dance for...

The Tam O'Shanter, which is erecting a full-on tent in its parking lot for hours upon hours of tunes. If you need an early nosh, the historical eatery opens at 11, but don't linger long inside, for the fiddles and strings rev up just past noon.

Casey's Irish Pub will again observe one of the most charming aspects of this particular holiday: The party that spills out onto the sidewalk, convivially, once the room inside is a bit too packed. But the downtown pub hosts a street festival for alfresco revelers, one that makes the most of the area in front of the establishment. The fest is on from 11 a.m. to 1 in the morning.

Angel City Brewery is setting up the mics for hours of tunes that pay tribute to the country across the sea, plus a particular eat that has loads of local cred: tacos. Rather, corned beef tacos, a yummy complement to the craft beer on the flow at this Arts District destination. It's a 14-hour party, noon to 2 a.m.

Tom Bergin's is the official "The House of Irish Coffee" 'round these parts, but you don't need to have the warm beverage if you're in the mood for a brew. There shall be plenty of those, too, as well as "plenty of shenanigans" in the parking lot adjacent to the Fairfax gem. Prizes, DJs tunes, and more await.

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Molly Malone's, proudly founded in 1969, is just few blocks north of Tom Bergin's, on foot, near 6th and Fairfax. It's not uncommon for St. Patrick's Day observers to call upon both vintage venues, Tom's and Molly's, during their March 17 revelries, so stop by this long-runner of a local tavern for a pint if you're feeling that Fairfax vibe.

The Original Farmers Market, about seven or so blocks further north from Molly Malone's, will have tunes throughout the day, and corned beef plates from the famous Magee's Kitchen (an early tenant of the public market). Green beer will available, and the Paddy O'Dors play from 7 to 9. Arrive earlier in the day for balloon crafts and bagpipes before the nighttime bash gets to shamrockin'.

Wearing your green, head to toe? Then hop on Metro, grab a ride from a friend, and go to where the music, convivial spirit, and erin go bragh is in full, celebratory swing.

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