SoCal Treats Add Patriotic Panache to the Fourth of July

Doughnuts, conchas, and flag-topped pies, too: Find your BBQ-ending delights at bakeries around SoCal.

Randy's Donuts/La Monarca Bakery

What to Know

  • Independence Day is Sunday, July 4
  • Du-par's Restaurant & Bakery on at Third and Fairfax is making its famous Flag Pie
  • La Monarca Bakery has conchas and cupcakes for the holiday, while Randy's Donuts is baking themed goodies, too

Barbecue, burgers, hot dogs, and all of those slaw-rich, potato-perfect sides have a way of sating a person's peckish proclivities while also addressing all of those sauce-covered cravings we seem to get come Independence Day.

But, really, when you think about it, and we're pretty sure we're not being too controversial here, there's always, always room for dessert.

Especially on the Fourth of July, a celebration that finds so many treats paying patriotic tribute to the colorful themes of the day.

If you're not making a flag-inspired sheet cake full of blueberries and raspberries, and you don't have the time to put together any old-school Independence Day icebox goodies, consider picking up your red, white, and blue confection from a local bakery.

A number of nummy choices are popping up at local patisseries and bake shops over the first weekend of July, so do check in with your neighborhood baker to see if something special is in the case for Sunday, July 4.

At Du-par's Restaurant & Bakery on West Third Street? Oh yes: That famous Flag Pie is back. It's got the stars (made out of cut dough, as you might have guessed), and the stripes (same thing, strips of dough), and all the berries that make up the flag's iconic hues.

It's $15.95, and calling ahead is a wise idea, giving this pie's popularity in years gone by. If it is out? Oh delish: Apple pie and cherry pie, two other staples of Fourth festivities, are on the shelves.

At your local La Monarca Bakery? Look for Fireworks Mini Conchas, which you can purchase by the dozen for $12. There are also July 4th Mantecadas, if you're in the mood for a classic Mexican cupcake (a constant and constantly happy mood, we find).

Keep in mind that your local La Monarca will be closed on July 5.

And at Randy's Donuts? Holiday-ready delectables rock celebratory sprinkles and some luscious flavors. The blue icing is vanilla and the doughnut itself is chocolate cake and chocolate raised.

They're $2.85 to $2.95 each and available at the Randy's locations in Inglewood, Downey, Pasadena, Torrance, El Segundo, Costa Mesa.

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