Spring for Griffith Observatory's Free Equinox Talks

Mavens of the bloomiest season'll have two chances to learn cool facts on March 20.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Local noon and sunset
  • Free

When does a season kind of arrive before the season actually begins?

Mostly all of the time, actually.

For you can say that summer sort of scooches in, right around Memorial Day Weekend, about three weeks before the solstice.

Fall? Halloween candy is on the store shelves in August, so there's that.

And by the time winter blows in, we've been humming "Deck the Halls" for a month.

Spring, too, feels like an early-starter, thanks to all of the early-March wildflower sightings around Southern California, and the fact that we "spring forward," due to Daylight Saving Time, while it is still very much winter.

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But here's the truth: The vernal equinox arrives on March 20, 2019, meaning spring will really and totally and officially be here, with bells on and so forth and such.

And as is delightful, knowledge-growing tradition, Griffith Observatory will present two talks on the equinox, one at local noon (which isn't noon-noon, due note, but when the sun is at its peakiest peak) and one at sunset.

Update: Local noon is 1 p.m. says the observatory, on March 20. That talk will take place at the Gottlieb Transit Corridor, while the sunset chat happens on the West Terrace.

Like the perfect warm spring breeze, these talks are free.

Unlike the perfect warm spring breeze, the talks will be lush with lovely facts about the equinox, the sun, our planet, and ideas that are large, fascinating, and eternal in character.

You know, because space and all. Pretty darn eternal stuff.

And "eternal" isn't something we get much of in the springtime, what with here-today-gone-next-week blossoms and blooms and migrating butterflies.

Go enjoy, pay nothing, admire the historic observatory, and know that spring will honestly and actually be here, on the books, as of March 20.

Which means the unofficial start to summer is, oh, just two months away, give or take.

Can it be Halloween already?

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