Spring Has Sprung, and Flowery Fun Abounds

Roger's Gardens will host several themed weekends, all built around the petal-pretty pleasures of the season.

Roger's Gardens

What to Know

  • Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar
  • The soil-rich, decoration-filled nexus for gardening and seasonal celebrations has several themed weekends on its 2022 calendar
  • March 26 through May 2, 2022; Easter, Earth Day, and butterflies are among the themes

The blossom bounty currently bounty-ing up Southern California as spring 2022 begins can truly be described as "showstopping."

No, a superbloom has not yet shown up, at least around the poppy fields north of the city, but those orange icons are still putting on quite the eye-popping extravaganza as March comes to its conclusion, with more carpet-like scenes still to roll out in April (fingers crossed and so forth).

Our region's cultivated flowers are also fabulous, with The Flower Fields of Carlsbad delivering a ranunculus-remarkable experience, while splendid spots like The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens boast glorious blooms galore, including those famous, now-peaking wisteria vines.

But what if you'd like to see some of this ethereal enchantment in your own yard, on your patio, or adding beauty to a balcony?

That's when we look to Southern California's oldest and most august gardening centers, those places that not only sell plants but instruct on all that people need to know should they want to add spring-sweet sights to their own turf.

Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar has served local gardeners for decades, and to help get spring 2022 started in a spectacular way, the flowers-and-everything destination is holding several themed weekends, starting on the final weekend of March.

"Gardening 101" sprouts on March 26 and 27, giving aspiring gardeners the basics on soil, seeds, and such. "Culinary Gardening" follows on April 2 and 3, and classes devoted to attracting Monarch butterflies to your garden will flutter the weekend on April 9 and 10.

Easter, Earth Day, and roses are just a few more of the fresh themes to follow.

And, as is sprightly tradition, Roger's Gardens is full of spring-themed decorations for purchase, from colorful egg ornaments to bunny figurines to flowery tabletop gewgaws.

If you love the amazing wildflowers and cultivated flowers of our area come March and April, but still want to coax your inner flower grower to new heights, peruse all of the springful events coming up at one of our Southern California's best-known bastion of blossoms.

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