Sprinkles Cupcakes Unveils a Line of Posh Chocolates

"Why stop at cupcakes?" is the question. The answer? Classy candies that can be shipped nationwide.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • Starting May 10 (updated from May 3); Sprinkles Chocolate Bars can be shipped nationwide
  • Sprinkles, Red Velvet, Black & White, Dark Chocolate
  • $7 for a single box; $28 per assorted gift pack (all four signature flavors are included)

Enjoying the sweet peak that chocolate delivers while also devouring a Sprinkles cupcake?

That's been a deliciously common experience for so many devoted fans of the started-in-SoCal cupcakery.

After all, the small and stylish cakes often incorporate various types of chocolate, with Banana Dark Chocolate, Black and White, and Milk Chocolate cupcakes all winning hearts and taste buds over the years.

But actual chocolate, as in the straight-up, unwrap-a-bar candy, hasn't been a thing with the popular cupcake chain.

For sure, Sprinkles is known for its inventive takes — it did, after all, develop the planet's first cupcake-delivering ATM — but the 16-year-old company hadn't yet made a move from the bakery realm into the candy aisle.

That's changing on May 10, when the brand-new Sprinkles Chocolate Line makes its flavorful four-way debut.

"Four-way" is, of course, a sweet signal that the new debut will offer a quartet of artisanal chocolate bars.

Sprinkle is one of the choices, naturally, while Red Velvet, Black & White, and Dark Chocolate are all on the tempting roster, too.

And if you're hoping for a cupcake-y cameo in each bar, you just may find it.

Fine Belgian chocolate is a major player, both white and dark. Those two components are artfully combined to "... mimic the flavors and aroma of each cupcake's rich frosting, decadent cake, and sweet toppings."

So, yes, you are eating a chocolate bar, but a chocolate bar that happens to have a few quality cupcakes in its tasty family tree.

Lucky you, if chocolate and cupcakes are two of your favorite hobbies.

"As passionate innovators, we are constantly developing new treats for our guests to enjoy," said Dan Mesches, President and CEO of Sprinkles.

"We've rolled out decadent brownies, cookies, and layered cakes and dreamed up collaborative creations with exciting brands like Patron and Dr. Pepper. For us, creating chocolate bars with a Sprinkles twist was the next natural step."

As you might have guessed, these are some gussied-up goodies, with a surfeit of visual flair to spare. Check out the whole lovely line now at the Sprinkles online HQ.

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