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Pizookie Porter Debuts in the BJ's Brewhouse Beer Club

Created for Pizookie people who are over 21 and over, the new brew will be available for California club members starting in May.

BJ's Brewhouse

What to Know

  • BJ's Brewhouse Beer Club (not available at BJ's restaurants)
  • Cookies 'N' Cream Pizookie Porter (21+ only)
  • Available for California club members starting on May 1

Craft beers, over the last couple of decades, have been been known for occupying a quirkier corner of the beverage world.

Not all fine brews boast offbeat ingredients, of course, but spicy pumpkin ales make a major showing each fall, while the gingerbread stouts, cinnamon-infused IPAs, and fa, la, lagers begin to foam as December dawns.

Now BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse is exploring this more whimsical approach to creating an adult beverage with hops, yeast, and dessert-like add-ins via its brand-new Cookies 'N' Cream Pizookie Porter.

Indeed, this is a libation that finds inspiration in the company's iconic dessert, the Pizookie, the giant, melty, oh-so-toothsome cookie that fills out the sort of deep dish normally reserved for the making of pizza.

The decadent drink decadent is billed as a "... complex porter with notes of caramel and dark chocolate," notes that are "... blended harmoniously with creamy vanilla and chocolate mousse."

But unlike the Pizookie, the Cookies 'N' Cream Pizookie Porter will not be available for purchase at your local BJ's restaurant.

Rather, members of the recently launched BJ's Brewhouse Beer Club, a subscription service that focuses on suds exclusive to the company.

The cost of a subscription? It's $30.

And if you're eager to try the Pizookie brew, which is available starting in May, you'll need to become a club member by Monday, April 26 (this is open to California club members, we should note).

Club membership also scores you a number of nifty perks while visiting a BJ's, including complimentary dine-in appetizers (you'll get one, yep), and, you bet, a dine-in Pizookie.

New members who sign up by April 26 will receive a 750 mL bottle of the new Pizookie Porter, plus a four-pack of BJ's Coffee Blonde.

There are a bunch of other must-knows, should-knows, and get-the-info-nows on the club site, so check it all out here.

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